Very Dark Man Biography: Age, State of Origin, Net Worth, Controversies, and More

Very Dark Man Biography
Very Dark Man Biography

In recent weeks, the name VeryDarkMan has become a hot topic on social media for various reasons. While some admire his boldness in addressing controversial issues, others are drawn to his physical presence. This 27-year-old activist has quickly gained notoriety in the online space, and in this article, we’ll delve into his complete biography, covering aspects like his net worth, real name, stage name, age, and much more.

VeryDarkMan’s Full Name and Nationality

VeryDarkMan’s real name is Martins Vincent Otse, and he proudly represents Nigeria as his birthplace and nationality. Hailing from Edo state, Martins was born into an average family and had to hustle from a young age to make ends meet.

Age of VeryDarkMan

The fast-rising activist was born in 1996 in Lagos, Nigeria. Presently, he is 27 years old, although some Nigerians insist he appears older than his age. Despite his youth, VeryDarkMan possesses remarkable confidence and intellect, which he utilizes effectively to address various issues on his Instagram handle, @verydarkman.

Educational Background

Martins attended the University of Lagos, where he pursued a degree in Business Administration. A glance at his Instagram page and TikTok videos reveals his strong command of the English language. His eloquence and unwavering stance on trending topics have earned him applause from Nigerians and even celebrities, such as Davido and Korra Obidi.

Financial Strength of VeryDarkMan

VeryDarkMan openly admits that he lives an average life and doesn’t possess substantial funds for luxury. His journey to financial stability began in 2022 when he took the bold step to sell his private videos. While the earnings from this venture weren’t enough for a lavish lifestyle, he managed to purchase a car with the money he made. Remarkably, material wealth is not a priority for him. He sees money as a distraction from his mission to seek justice and maintain fairness for all. In fact, he has rejected millions offered to him by well-meaning Nigerians, emphasizing his commitment to helping others.

Fashion Sense

A close look at Martins Otse’s Instagram page reveals that he isn’t a fashion enthusiast. He often appears in his videos dressed in just a singlet and a pair of trousers, with his chest bared. Occasionally, he can be seen in a shirt and trousers, but his style seems to prioritize comfort over fashion trends.

The Fast Rise to Fame

Martins Otse gained significant attention when he took on JennyGlow, a popular skincare brand, after a lady accused them of selling products that damaged her skin. His actions led to widespread support from thousands of Nigerians. Encouraged by this success, he expanded his efforts to confront vendors selling products without NAFDAC numbers, all while maintaining a humorous and unique approach to online content.

VeryDarkMan’s Social Impact

In a rare video, VeryDarkMan was seen teaching self-defense techniques to Hausa artisans, emphasizing that life doesn’t have to be hard and encouraging people to prioritize their happiness and growth. Netizens have praised him for his principled nature, acknowledging that he cannot be influenced by fame or money.

Controversies Surrounding VeryDarkMan

Like many public figures, VeryDarkMan has faced controversies during his career. In 2021, he was accused of plagiarism for copying videos from other TikTok users. He apologized for this incident and vowed to be more original in the future. In 2022, he made a joke about rape on Instagram, which drew widespread condemnation from fans and critics alike. He promptly deleted the post and apologized.

Recently, VeryDarkMan attracted attention by criticizing JennyGlow for selling substandard skincare products and posted a video showing NAFDAC sealing JennyGlow’s Abuja branch for using a fake NAFDAC number on her products.

VeryDarkMan’s Net Worth

VeryDarkMan’s net worth is estimated to be around $12,000. He earns money from his TikTok and Instagram accounts, as well as through his social media marketing agency.

VeryDarkMan's Net Worth
VeryDarkMan’s Net Worth

FAQs about VeryDarkMan

Q1: What is VeryDarkMan’s real name? VeryDarkMan’s real name is Martins Vincent Otse.

Q2: How old is VeryDarkMan? VeryDarkMan is 27 years old, born in 1996.

Q3: Where is VeryDarkMan from? VeryDarkMan hails from Edo State, Nigeria.

Q4: What is VeryDarkMan’s educational background? He attended the University of Lagos, studying Business Administration.

Q5: What is VeryDarkMan’s net worth? VeryDarkMan’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $12,000.


VeryDarkMan, whose real name is Martins Vincent Otse, has made a significant impact in the online space with his unique content and his commitment to addressing various social issues. Despite being a relatively young activist, his determination and charisma have captured the hearts of many. As he continues his journey, it’s evident that VeryDarkMan’s influence will persist, and he will remain a prominent figure in the world of social media.

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